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Owner, Jessica Miller,  is a Registered Naturopath who is passionate about not only what you put in your body but on your body. As a Mother of two, when she became pregnant, she realized it was nearly impossible to find liquid matte lipsticks that weren't toxic like her then favorite brand the famous sister lip kit. She also didn't want to be putting formaldehyde on her nails when she was growing a baby, feeding a baby or ever! She set out to create a product that was not only toxic free, but safe for pregnant and nursing mamas. Not realizing it, one of the most toxic things you can use everyday is skincare products and cosmetics. Making sure your beauty care is clean, safe and non toxic is essential for good health.  Jessica wanted to create a product that was the safest you can put on your body without forsaking quality, look or color. We as women have so many things disrupting our hormones in this day and age and Jessica wants to make sure your beauty care isn’t one of them. “Creating a product that would only add to your already feminine beauty and not damage your body in anyway or harm anything else in the process has always been my goal. Our nail polish is 10 free...the highest safety level available and our liquid matte mineral lipsticks are 100% mineral based with non toxic ingredients.” @beautycarenaturals was created with woman’s health in mind.

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